The Measured Group

In the years leading up to the MeasureD Symposium in 2017—and the subsequent years—our experience has proven that companies of all scales are hungry to integrate the processes of design as a way to better understand and deliver value to the people who are important to them. They increasingly recognize the return on listening and incorporating human needs and desires inside and outside of their organizations.

And most importantly, many companies now recognize that measuring the contribution of design and understanding how, when and where it works is critical to serving all of their stakeholders, not just shareholders.

The MeasureD initiative has pioneered the thinking that leads to this understanding—what is working, how processes and programs are serving all of an organization’s people and communities. We have developed measurement tools and frameworks that help companies identify and implement design and measurement strategies as they strive to build healthy organizations that serve customers, patients, and people.

Today we are building The Measured Group, a community of practice that will serve thought leaders and those committed to learning how to use design processes to build these sustainable healthy organizations. It requires a new kind of leadership, powered by listening and engaging all stakeholders in authentic creative processes which lead to responsible, real innovation.

We have developed a set of offerings for members of our community of practice that include guidance through the measurement process of design in corporate initiatives, access to research, updates on cases and new developments in the measurement of design and convenings. Please contact us for more information.